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Aluminum construction

We deliver and assemble aluminum construction company (SRN) Schueco the world’s leading manufacturer of aluminium systems. All of the system before the start of the production subject to demanding test processes are solutions that give a guarantee that the finished products will be at the top level, capable of long term smooth operation. For the final quality of the works is crucial not only to the quality of the product only, but also of its incorporation into the design. We are 100% fair certificate installation.

Advantages of aluminium structures

  • high durability
  • flame resistance
  • the strength of the
  • excellent thermal insulation sound-insulating properties
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • high aesthetic value

Aluminum fill holes

  • Windows (screens, folding-screens, swinging, sliding)
  • The door (screens, sliding)
  • Fixed glassing
  • Fire-fighting

Winter garden

The winter garden creates a new full-fledged living space in your house, which can be designed as heated or unheated, depending on the purpose of use. In the case of heated spaces, we provide conservatories made of aluminum profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge, which meets all the requirements of thermal technical standards for living spaces.

Skylights are used for direct lighting and ventilation of industrial halls, administrative, civil and residential buildings, cottages, etc. They are suitable for all types of flat roofs and roofs with a small slope.
Glazed AL facades
The façade of the building is the main means of expression of the building and at the same time it must meet high demands for protection against the weather and ensure the thermal – technical parameters of the building.
Facades can be solved:
  • column-partition
  • semi-structural
  • structurally
  • deployable

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