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Glass construction

The use of glass in interior structures Interior and at the same time his glare and portrayal of the modern allows aeration.

Glass doors

Glass doors can be addressed as:

  • frame (aluminum, stainless steel or steel in frame), where it forms a glass filler door
  • Frameless doors are handled without disturbing the frames as a self-supporting structure, accompanied by the necessary fittings


Glass partitions
Glass partitions we offer:

  • fixed
  • folding
  • sliding
  • kobmination

Glass railing

  • Railings can be a strong architectural element of the Interior. We offer you glass railing:
  • in frames
  • for posts with brackets
  • self-supporting with the Assembly on the floor
  • self-supporting with the Assembly of parties

Awnings and canopies 

Glass canopies and awnings effectively complement the facade of buildings and at the same time fulfil the function of temporary protection from the weather at the entrance to the building.

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