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Stainless steel construction

nerezove konstrukcie

The use of noble steels provides quality work at the highest level with a high aesthetic potential and minimal operating costs.

Finishing stainless steel structures:

  • polished surface
  • brushed finish on the desired quality of cut

Stainless steel fences and railings

Stainless steel fences and railings from stainless steel perform protective and aesthetic function, no additional operating costs throughout the life cycle.

The material used may be according to the wishes of the customer:

the frame of the fence element or the carrier part of the railings:

  • full material
  • closed steel profile
  • tube

fill parts of fence-or railings:

  • sheet, perforated sheet metal respectively.
  • expanded metal or dratings
  • Rod full material
  • tube
  • closed steel profile



Stainless steel doors and gates

The design of the gates and gateways largely corresponds to the construction of the fence so that it is not disturbed by the impression and the integrity of the work.

Gates and doors can be delivered as:

  • types of screens
  • sliding

Control gates:

  • manually
  • motor with remote control

Stainless steel fill holes

Our customers we offer supply and installation of stainless steel also for fillers of openings:

  • stainless steel Windows
  • stainless steel doors
  • solid glazing in stainless steel frame
  • glazed façade of stainless steel

Also fill the holes we supply stainless steel made with interrupted thermal bridge continuously, or (system Jansen) , according to the thermal-technical requirements of the building


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