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Steel construction

Our company produces, delivers and assembles a steel construction all welded or screwed. Implementation of the structures we provide project documentation, in the case of the customer’s requirements, submitted by provide the static assessment, implementation and production documentation.


We ensure the protection of structures: anticorrosive

  • synthetic coatings
  • polyurethane or epoxy coatings
  • hot dip galvanizing (zinc dipping)
  • cold galvanizing (coating containing 99.995% zinc elektrolytical)

Load-bearing steel structure

We provide the manufacture and Assembly of atypical steel structures:

  • nonsystem sheds
  • additions and extensions of buildings
  • roof trusses, false ceilings, inserts
  • bridges, working platforms, walkable footbridges
  • shelters, pergolas, etc.

Additional building steel construction

We manufacture and assemble:

  • fences, gates, railings and gates
  • Windows, doors, doors with interrupted thermal bridge (Jansen)
  • fireproof panels (Jansen)
  • stairs
  • containers
  • other atypical products

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